Key Conference Elements


Key Conference Elements

Plenary sessions serve as the intellectual epicenter, featuring renowned experts who present groundbreaking research and engage in lively discussions on topics under the theme and sub-themes. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the latest advancements, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from distinguished voices in their respective fields.

Panel discussion format are designed to provide a space for participants to exchange their knowledge, insights, experiences, and diverse perspectives and collectively contribute to the advancement of ideas.

Workshop format are interactive and engaging sessions that prioritize hands-on learning experiences. Through exercises, group discussions, and various activities, participants actively delve into the subject matter, fostering collaborative exploration and practical application of knowledge in a participatory setting.

Other formats or activities are also welcome.

Selected researchers have the opportunity to present their work engaging the audience with a structured and comprehensive overview of their research. These presentations allow for a detailed exploration of the abstract, providing a platform for in-depth explanations, feedbacks, and Q&A sessions, enabling valuable insights and scholarly discussions.

Poster presentations offer a concise and visually appealing platform for researchers to showcase their abstracts. Participants create informative posters highlighting key aspects of their research, capturing the essence of their work in a succinct manner.

Networking sessions provide a relaxed and informal environment for conference participants, including researchers and policy makers in the field of health and health prioritization, to connect and foster meaningful professional relationships.

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