P024 – Navigating the Health Technology Assessment Guideline Development

Organized Session 4

Date: Wednesday 8 May 2024
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Room: Thonburi
Speakers: Manit Sittimart, Siobhan Botwright, Nouran Eldesouky, Ahmed Saied Hammad, Gavin Surgey, Jasmine Pwu

Details descriptions of the session:

Health technology assessment (HTA) is increasingly being adopted as a multidisciplinary, systematic, and participatory tool for priority setting and to inform decision-making. In many countries, HTA has been used to support health policy decisions regarding health services and technologies for the population and promote efficient resource allocation. Alongside political will, strong governance, data infrastructure, and capacity building, national HTA guidelines have been identified as a key factor in establishing a well-functioning HTA system.

More countries are developing their national guidelines, including those that are relatively in a nascent stage of HTA development, such as low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) that have limited resources and context constraints. Although there are several international organisations that offer support in developing HTA guidelines, there are limited resources and literature that could provide an overview to develop HTA guidelines.

This session will launch a stepwise guide for HTA guideline development, which has been developed as a collaboration between HTAsiaLink, ISPOR , HTAi , with HITAP , NUS , and KEMRI as the working group. The qualitative study, involved eleven countries around the world, shows that the country context and HTA institutionalisation maturity level influence how HTA guidelines support national priority-setting and stakeholder engagement processes to ensure guideline quality and promote adherence.

Learning objectives:

This proposed session aims to disseminate the findings and introduce a stepwise guide for developing HTA guidelines. This session will be relevant for LMICs who are currently developing, revising, and/or implementing HTA guidelines, and for development agencies or funders who are supporting HTA guideline development in LMICs.

Target audience:
  • Policy-makers, researchers, anyone who would like to improve the efficiency of their healthcare system
Structure of presentation:
  • Opening (5mins)
  • Introduction to session (10mins)
  • – About HTA (what, how and why countries use HTA)
    – About the team
    – About the session
  • HTA Guidelines: a priority setting tool? – Core Team (15mins)
  • – Does countries’ context matter for HTA institutionalisation? How could they benefit from HTA guideline?
    – Who should be involved in national HTA guideline development?
    – What are the underlying factors for successful guideline development?
    – How does countries with different context ensures guidelines’ quality and evaluate guidelines’ impact?
  • About the stepwise guide – Core Team (15mins)
  • – Who are the target audience of this guide?
    – How to use this guide?
    – How to access the guide?
  • Open discussion (30mins)
  • – Process or methods guideline – which comes first?
    – HTA maturity – defining guidelines’ quality and success
  • Wrap-up & closing (5mins)
Note: the core team consist of six members from HITAP, NUS, and KEMRI
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