P034 – Set Priority and Design Target Product Profiles for Medical Innovation Development

Organized Session 21

Date: Friday 10 May 2024
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 AM
Room: Ballroom B
Speakers: Yi Wang, Teerawat Wiwatpanit

Details descriptions of the session:

In response to the challenges and gaps in healthcare, as prioritized by the healthcare system and the government, clear guidance is required to set priorities in medical innovation investment and to inform medical innovation development. Target product profile is a document setting the minimum standard and optimum standard for medical innovation development. The target product profile can be customized to address the local healthcare priorities and fit the local context.

The session is designed to explore the critical aspects of priority setting and target product profiles in the context of medical innovation development.

Our session kicks off with a concise but comprehensive 10-minute introduction. This will provide participants with the foundation in aligning health priority and target product profiles in the development of medical innovations.

Following the introduction, a 45-minute interactive group activity will be conducted. Using hypothetical case studies, participants will have the opportunity to create target product profiles for hypothetical medical innovations. Participants will tailor the target product profiles to suit the specific health priorities in the local contexts.

After the group activities, the session coordinators will take 10 minutes to summarize the key takeaways, ensuring a clear understanding of the concepts explored.

Finally, the session will be wrapped up with a 10-minute talk to share real-world case studies. These case studies provide valuable insights into how these principles are applied in practical settings, offering participants a holistic perspective on the role of priority setting and target product profiles in the world of medical innovation.

Learning objectives and target audience:

Learning objectives:

  • Grasp the concept of target product profiles and how it can be used to inform medical innovation development
  • Acquire the skills to tailor target product profiles to align with local healthcare priorities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating target product profiles as a guiding framework in medical innovation development.

Target audience: academic researchers and medical innovators

Structure of presentation:

During the interactive group activities, participants need to form small groups (4~5 people per group) for discussion. The case studies and working sheets should be printed for the ease of discussion. Menti or other similar software will be used for participants to submit their answers.

  • Yi Wang, National University of Singapore
  • Teerawat Wiwatpanit, Medical Innovation Development and Assessment Support, Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program
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