Organized Sessions

Organized sessions

Accepted proposal submission results have been announced through email on 18 January 2024. 

Kindly note that all organized sessions will be in-person only. All successful applicants shall confirm the attendance via the link provided in submission result email and register to the conference at REGISTRATION WEBSITE.

For individuals who have previously applied for bursary support from the conference, please be advised that successful recipients will receive notifications from the funding team via email within the third week of February 2024. Any updates or changes will be communicated to you by the team.

  • The organized sessions should be related to the overall conference theme or sub-themes.
  • The session proposal should be a maximum of 500 words and written in clear and understandable English
  • It should have a concise and informative title
  • The proposal should follow the structure: 1) Details descriptions of the session 2) Learning objectives and target audience 3) Structure of presentation 4) Expected output/outcomes
  • The names of already confirmed speakers with institutional affiliations should be included
  • The person responsible for the session should fill in this submission form
  • Proposals submitted from low- and middle-income countries are highly encouraged
  • Please submit this proposal by uploading it in the submission form at the bottom of the page.

Download proposal template here. The completed proposal template in .doc or .docx format must be attached in your submission form below.

Submission form for Organized sessions / workshops
List the speakers and/or contributors and their institutional affiliations.
Apply for financial support
Please check whether you are eligible through our Financial Support Application Guidelines (located below this form) and proceed to answer the following questions:
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